The McLeods help residents impacted by COVID 19

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Eagles safety Rodney McLeod wants to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and the hard-hitting effect it’s having on Philadelphians and children in need. Through their foundation, Change Our Future, McLeod and his wife, Erika, are donating $25,000 to Philabundance.

“We’re giving back to a city that gives so much to us. We’re encouraging others to rally behind us,” Rodney Mcleod tells Jeff Skversky about how he wants to help. Erika McLeod says, “Families will realize people care for them at this time” The McLeods are also raising awareness for the Grab and Go Campaign, the free meal service created by the School District of Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia, that feeds Philadelphia students while schools are closed.

“Let’s make sure they have food in their belly,” said Erika.

Rodney and Erika believe it is extremely important for children to have the same opportunities they had when they were growing up. Philadelphia is also getting Chromebooks to students to help keep up with their school work, on top of the meals being provided.

“Our influence has allowed people to hear and spread the word and now kids and families are benefiting. It’s what you want to see,” says Rodney.

Heading into his fifth season with the Eagles, McLeod wanted to give back to Philadelphia. This is where he calls home. He helped the Eagles win their first Super Bowl but now his number one goal is helping beat this pandemic.

“It’s the City of Brotherly Love. Since I’ve come here to Philadelphia, the fans and community has embraced me. We just want to share our love and give,” Mcleod says about how Eagles fans have treated him and his family since coming here as a free agent in 2016.

This philanthropic work is near and dear to their hearts. Not only is Erika a medical assistant for a Mount Airy primary care physician, but her mom is an educator and Rodney’s mother worked in education as well.

You can find more information on Rodney and Erika McLeod’s Change Our Future Donor Fund and how to help Philadelphia food banks at

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