Game Changers is an initiative founded by Rodney and Erika McLeod to build a brighter future and a better tomorrow by supporting the education, empowerment and development of today’s youth leaders. Through this initiative, Change Our Future will engage our community by providing resources and information that support learning at all levels. These educational resources will help children and families increase the necessary skills and create a strong foundation for future success.

In partnership with WHYY, Game Changers will help raise the education bar, focusing on four pillars:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Leadership
  • Amplifying Voices
  • Perseverance

We are excited to launch this initiative with WHYY. Game Changers will build on all of the good work of WHYY’s educational services by expanding programs where young people will get to share their experiences with social injustice, racism and gun violence; even more students will have access to paid internships; and parents, caregivers and educators will be given curriculum, tools and resources to bring to life the leaders, events and historic moments of Black History that have impacted the fabric of American History.

Through the Game Changers initiative, we hope to prepare our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow, offering them guidance and giving them the skills they need to succeed. We seek to nurture a spirit of perseverance among our youth showing them that they can take on the world and tackle any obstacle that gets in their way. Support from this initiative will allow countless young people to speak out about the issues and challenges that they face each day; paving the way for solutions and change.

Game Changers will foster a culture of lifelong learning where families come together to support each other’s growth and understanding. A huge metric for the success of Game Changers will be the number of students that are touched by the information and programming that this initiative will provide.

Get in the game today! Support us as we impact young people throughout our region! We hope to recruit other Game Changers just like you, as we develop and implement educational programming for an additional eight to ten thousand youth from the Greater Philadelphia area over the course of two years.