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Many of us men were once boys with similar struggles, pain, and hardships. Every person inspires to be successful and live out their dreams. Success does not happen overnight, it stems from hard work, discipline, preparation, and a great support system surrounding you. Plenty of boys fall short in life for several reasons, poor decision making, lack of knowledge and structure. For some the choice was made for them, living in a single parent home, without a mother or father present. Next Man Up seeks to help boys become men through life learning workshops aimed to build well rounded gentleman. Through the program we hope to educate, inspire, and motivate men to grab the torch and become those leaders of success for the next generation to follow. 

  • After School Program (60-90 Min) Full School Year (Sept-June)
  • 10-15 Boys( 9th/10th Graders) (We allow students in the 9th graders who have participated in the class the previous year can reapply to apply if they wish) 
  • Encourage graduates of program to return as guest speakers 
  • Meet 1-2x/Monthly 
  • 1 Topic/Monthly
  • 1 Mentor for entire year 
  • 1 Facilitator from school to help organize students 
  • 1 Guest Speaker for selected subject/month 
  • Applicants must write a letter explaining why they are interested in the program. How can Next Man Up be helpful in their life. What they hope to accomplish over the course of the year.
  • At the end of the program students will receive a certificate and torch award signifying their completion of the program. 
  • 85-90 % Attendance Rate to complete program 


  • Financial Literacy 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Becoming a man
  • Life Choices
  • College
  • Careers
  • Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Philanthropy
  • Mental Health