Next Man Up hopes to educate, inspire, and motivate young boys to grab the torch and become those leaders of success for the next generation to follow. 

The goal of the annual youth football camp is to teach student-athletes proper technique, while imparting important values such as character, accountability, and leadership so that youth reach their full potential.

The I AM Youth Leadership Summit will bring cultural awareness and diverse experiences to ensure equitable representation is at the forefront for our young leaders.

Game Changers is an initiative founded by Rodney and Erika McLeod to build a brighter future and a better tomorrow by supporting the education, empowerment and development of today’s youth leaders.


Many families face difficult and challenging times during the holiday season. Change Our Future, along with our amazing community partners and volunteers, dedicate 12 special days to provide smiles to many through random acts of goodness within the community.

Change Our Future is looking for the top Student Athletes in Indianapolis. To find them we are looking to have coaches nominate up to 2 students from their currently active Fall sports teams.

Only 60% of Eligible Americans voted in 2016. It’s never been easier to vote. You have a personal stake in the upcoming election. So, get registered, get educated on the issues and prepare to vote. No more excuses.

A fundraising initiative to help defeat cancer, Change Our Future donates $1,000 toward research for every interception, forced fumble, sack, or tackle for a loss that Rodney makes during the NFL season.


Our biggest fundraising event of the year is an upscale, black-tie gala to support Change Our Future’s programs and initiatives. 

An annual fundraising event held during Halloween benefiting the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).