8th annual youth football camp flier

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About Our Youth Football Camp

Super Bowl Champion Rodney McLoed and Erika McLeod, Founders of Change Our Future, hosted its 8th Annual Youth Football Camp Experience on on Saturday, June 18th from 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. The Youth Football Camp Experience offered young athletes a safe and accessible place to play and addresses the importance of health, safety, wellness, and how to develop a winning attitude in sports and life. Additionally the camp educated the young athletes about leadership, accountability, discipline, and hard work, which will help them achieve long-term success and make better decisions as they develop into adults.

Guest speakers include:
Rodney McLeod, NFL Super Bowl Champion, Safety for the Indianapolis Colts, and Founder of Change Our Future

Erika McLeod, Founder of Change Our Future

Councilmember Joanne Waszczak, Ward 1, City of Hyattsville

Cam Johnson UVA Graduate, 7th Round 2012 Draft Pick, 6 Year Player

Chase Minnifield UVA Graduate, Undrafted 2012, 2 Year Player

Camp Highlights include:

• Free T-Shirt for All Campers

• High-Level Instruction on Football Fundamentals Led by Highly Trained Professionals

• Education on Proper Technique

• Instruction on Specific Positions and Team Play

• Free Swag Bags

• Awards Ceremony

• Stretch Sessions Presented by Recovery Health and Wellness Stretch Clinic with Dr. D Wilson

• Yoga Class for Parents Presented by PG County native Tierra aka YogiTB



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