Change our future is a youth development organization that seeks to remove barriers and labels placed on underserved communities by empowering people through education, advocacy and awareness. Our programs are structured to engage and challenge our students to become agents of change and leaders of tomorrow through innovative experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. We bring cultural awareness and diverse experiences to ensure equitable representation is at the forefront for our students in the areas of leadership, mentorship, literacy, healthy lifestyles and community enrichment.


Youth Development

Programs that promote character and leadership skills, positive self image and exposure to entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and civic engagement.


Programs that prepare students to graduate from high school on time, be ready for post-secondary education, and foster a love and joy for a 21st century  career in STEM.

Health and Wellness

Programs that focus on the overall well-being and healthy lifestyles of our communities. These programs work intentionally to bridge healthcare gaps and promote diversity in healthcare fields.

Community Empowerment

Programs that focus on community empowerment by eliminating their label of being underserved. Our black and brown communities are resilient. Change Our Future partners with communities to gain a better understanding of their challenges and needs and how we can collaborate to ensure they have equitable resources and access to thrive.